Telling Stories for Generations to Come

How many times have you heard it said: I wish I’d asked my mother about that?  Love and longing in one simple sentence.  At The Story Project we understand the power of story telling, of recording memories and witnessing a life before that fleeting opportunity escapes us. With stories and pictures we piece together the arc of a life, creating a family history that will let your children and grandchildren know their heritage: who they are and where they come from.

Elegantly crafted heirloom biographies are a strength of ours, but only one among many. Our range of unique and compelling narratives include stories of beloved properties, chronicles of treasured collections, and the histories of foundations.

The Story Project brings together the creative talents of a writer with decades of international journalism experience and a photographer and book designer who has exhibited his work in museums and galleries in the U.S. and abroad

No matter the project, we provide our clients with an unparalleled level of personal attention. The seriousness of purpose, focus on research and graphic sophistication that we bring to each and every book results in a priceless return on investment for our clients. An exclusive Story Project creation is an enduring gift to be passed from generation to generation.

“The Story Project scrupulously paid attention to what we wanted. All the way through the process they listened to our feedback and our ideas. In the end, the book was exactly what we’d hoped for and more.”

Eric Laufer, New York, NY

“Our experience was beyond expectations. This is more than just a collection of dates and memories, but a book that reads like a novel — beautifully written with a theme and a storyline that captures my grandmother’s life. On top of that it’s a gorgeous coffee table book.”

Giovanna Randall, New York, NY