Our Work


These are an inspired way to share the vision and values of your business or foundation. They are at once a record of a life’s work and a road map for the future, inspiring and reminding the next generation where it all began and where it’s headed.

Sonny’s Blue Benn: Feeding the Soul of a Vermont Town captures the essence of a local landmark, documenting the history of a legendary diner and the family that created it. The Blue Benn’s story is told by the people that made the diner an iconic Vermont institution: the family that built the business, the regulars who ate there and the staff that served them. Together, they serve up home-spun, funny and often poignant accounts of life at the Benn and, in doing so, capture a slice of life in small-town Vermont.

life stories

Our compelling narratives and evocative photographs capture our clients’ life stories in a way no one else can. We weave together the threads of our clients’ lives to create exceptional heirloom memoirs that can be passed proudly to future generations. Richly illustrated and deeply researched — our last project included a fact-finding mission to Italy, the ancestral home of our client — our books showcase the joys and struggles of our subjects’ varied lives.

Flip through excerpts from Giovanna Bueti: A Life, a 240-page tribute to an Italian-American immigrant and her family. The 8 x 10 inch hardcover is printed on premium paper and features original and archival photographs. (The Story Project zealously guards the privacy of its clients. This book excerpt is presented with the express permission of the Bueti family.)

A companion volume to Giovanna Bueti: A Life, in which The Story Project uncovered previously unknown information about the family.

short takes

We like to think of our Short Takes as a brief encounter with a subject. Short but not insubstantial, Short Takes run the gamut from milestone birthdays, to retirement tributes, to graduation gifts and much, much more. Below is a sample of our work, a 48-page chronicle of a young couple’s love story, created to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. The book, designed in-house at The Story Project, includes original photos and archival material. 

True North: A Love Story In Five Maps recounts a couple’s courtship through their travels and adventures.

“Caty and Peter were so easy to work with! They really took the time to help us tell our story and to craft a book that is totally unique and tailored for us, right down to the smallest details.”

Jesse Johnson, Portland, Maine

Treasured Properties

At The Story Project we aim to capture the spirit of a client’s property. The memories we cherish most are often made in the places closest to our hearts: the lake house with its log rafters and smell of wet woods; the weathered island cottage built and rebuilt by generations; a venerable old house that brings the family together year in and year out. Indeed, it is our clients’ emotional connection with the property that dictates our approach. Yes, we research a building’s history and design, study relevant archival material and even interview the architect when possible, but blueprints are just a starting point. We believe it’s how the owners connect with the space around them that reveals the true character of a house.

Every property and its story is different. Above is a sample of our approach to documenting a historic building: a concept book focusing on a Palladian villa in the Italian Veneto. We hope this brief viewbook gives you an idea of how we might collaborate on your project.