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legacy books

Richly illustrated and deeply researched, our Legacy Books are the heart and soul of what we do. These bespoke treasures are full-length narratives of up to 200 pages.

Life Stories Personal Stories in Historical Context

Compelling narratives and evocative photographs weave together the joys and struggles of our subjects’ varied lives. These are exceptional heirloom memoirs that can be passed proudly to future generations.

Assisted Memoirs — Help in Completing or Editing Your Manuscript

Give us your manuscript and we’ll edit as much or as little as you see fit. The author’s voice — your voice — will always shine through. Our in-house design and layout ensure a professional, high-quality book.

Institutional Histories Chronicles of Businesses, Foundations and Organizations

These are an inspired way to share the vision and values of your business or foundation. They are at once a record of a life’s work and a road map for the future, inspiring and reminding the next generation where it all began and where it’s headed.

Beloved Properties Lavishly Illustrated Books about Special Places

The memories we cherish most are often made in the places closest to our hearts: the lake house with its log rafters and smell of wet woods; the weathered island cottage built and rebuilt by generations. Your building’s blueprints are just a starting point; our goal is to capture the spirit of a property.

Short takes

Fast and fun, our Short Takes tell a more focused story, chronicling a special milestone, a one-of-a-kind event, even a romance.

Love StoriesA Truly Romantic Anniversary Gift, or Gift to the Bride or Groom

Tell the story of how you and your partner met — the first encounter, keeping company, the proposal and, of course, the wedding — and we’ll create a very personal love story.

Given as a gift certificate, this makes an exceptional gift to your daughter the bride or son the groom.  A present straight from the heart, this one will never be forgotten. 

“We loved the experience, especially the interview. Talking about our relationship — how we met, when we fell in love, how Jesse proposed — was both romantic and a lot of fun.”

Betsy Cook, Portland, Maine

Retirement Tributes A Retirement Gift

Forget the gold watch; this personalized gift is a heartfelt appreciation for years of dedicated work. Archival photos and documents help illustrate a handsomely designed book, while anecdotes and best wishes from colleagues create a personal and deeply meaningful goodbye gift.

Celebration BooksBooks to Celebrate a Milestone Year

Whether it’s 16 or 60 mark the moment with a celebration book. We can photograph the party, rely on family photos or a combination of the two. The tone of the book is up to you: playful or more serious, The Story Project can make it happen.

Special projects

Our Special Projects are just that, special. Like all of The Story Project’s work, these books are tailor made, but to an even higher degree.

Ethical WillsA Gift for Generations to Come

Pass on the most meaningful of legacies: your memories, values and reflections on a life well lived. Our bespoke heirloom volumes give the older generation a rare opportunity to share their heritage and beliefs with descendants — a priceless gift for generations to come.

Made-to-Order Projects — You dream it and we’ll create it

From baby books to gala events, tell us your thoughts and we’ll create a volume to fit your vision.