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legacy books

Our Legacy Books are richly illustrated and deeply researched. Literary in style, they go far beyond a chronological account of events.

Personal Histories – Life Stories in Historical Context

Compelling narratives and evocative photographs weave together the threads of our clients’ histories to create exceptional heirloom memoirs that can be passed proudly to future generations. These books showcase the joys and struggles of our subjects’ varied lives.

Beloved Properties – Lavishly Illustrated Books about Special Places

The memories we cherish most are often made in the places closest to our hearts: the lake house with its log rafters and smell of wet woods; the weathered island cottage built and rebuilt by generations; a venerable old house that brings the family together year in and year out. At The Story Project, a building’s blueprints are just a starting point; our goal is to capture the spirit of a property.

Institutional Histories – Chronicles of businesses, foundations and organizations

These histories are an inspired way to share the vision and values of a business or foundation. They are at once a record of a life’s work and a road map for the future, inspiring and reminding the next generation where the business began and where it’s headed. These books are a treasure to be proudly passed on to family and colleagues.

Art & Collections – Monographs of private collections, from memorabilia to music scores

The co-founders of The Story Project have deep experience in writing about and photographing art. Our combined experience guarantees that The Story Project will more than do justice to your collection, whether it contains objects d’art, antique cars or baseball cards.

Short takes

Fast and fun, our Short Takes tell a more focused story, chronicling a special milestone, a one-of-a-kind event, even a romance.

Loves StoriesA Truly Romantic Anniversary Gift

 Tell the story of how you and your partner met — the first encounter, keeping company, the proposal and, of course, the wedding — and we’ll create a very personal love story. We start with an interview and archival material, from there it’s your choice whether to make the gift big or small: Want to add photos? Include interviews with family, friends or members of the wedding party? The possibilities are boundless.

Retirement Tributes – A Retirement Gift

Forget the gold watch; this personalized gift is a heartfelt appreciation for years of dedicated work. The Story Project gathers archival photos and documents to illustrate a handsomely designed book. A selection of anecdotes and best wishes from co-workers and colleagues create a personal and deeply meaningful goodbye gift. 

Celebration BooksBooks to Celebrate a Milestone Year

Whether it’s 16 or 60 mark the moment with a celebration book. We can photograph the party, rely on family photos or a combination of the two. The tone of the book is up to you: playful or more serious, The Story Project can make it happen. 

Your ChoiceYou dream it and we’ll create it

From baby books to gala events, The Story Project is open to ideas. Tell us your thoughts and we’ll create a Short Take to fit.



We are a journalist and a photographer with decades of experience. For our subjects that means the interview process is relaxing, enjoyable and very often insightful. We recognize this part of the process is not to be rushed in a series of quick on-the-record chats. We aim to get to know our subjects, to let them lead us through their lives at a pace they feel comfortable setting. And we go beyond just interviewing our subjects, talking to family members or key figures in their lives. It’s this especially that gives our books a depth of coverage not found elsewhere.

“The book is beautiful. They did a great job telling my story. I was a little nervous about the interviewing process, but it was relaxed and fun. It brought up things I hadn’t thought of in years. . . . So much came back to me. It was wonderful.”

Jean Buetti, Chappaqua, NY


At The Story Project we recognize our clients’ expectations for an exceptional level of quality. For us, that means our books  — from as-told-to-memoirs to the stories of treasured properties — must include extensive research. This, in particular, distinguishes us from our competitors. Not only do we gather material about our subjects, but we also place their stories in an historical and social context.

We are happy to travel to a client’s ancestral homeland to put their story in better context and give readers a deeper sense of their heritage. On a recent trip to Italy we uncovered previously unknown genealogical documents and did field research on the political and social events that prompted our subject’s life-changing journey to America. This is indeed the luxury version of an as-told-to memoir.


As a journalist who has been published in a wide range of publications from The Wall Street Journal to The Miami Herald to Narratively.com, Caitlin brings a wealth of story-telling experience to the job. As a result, our copy reads like journalism at its best, bringing the facts to life and setting scenes in a compelling, dramatic style that aims to inform and intrigue readers

Photography and Design

Different projects require different approaches. But a pattern does emerge. For example, as-told-to memoirs typically include a formal portrait session, as well as time for candid photos. Peter, whom clients find to be discreet and unobtrusive, often works in tandem with Caitlin, looking for images as she conducts interviews and pursues research in the field.

At the design stage, Peter works closely with clients to choose photographs and ephemera from their archives that go beyond mere illustration to amplify the themes in Caitlin’s text. Care is taken to sequence a book’s visual elements for maximum effect.

In addition, Peter helps guide clients through what may seem like a bewildering number of decisions that need to be made when designing a book. Do we opt for a portrait or landscape orientation? Standard or premium paper? A dust jacket or image wrap for the cover? Whatever the choice, The Story Project will ensure your satisfaction.